The Importance of Synthetic Turf Maintenance for Spring Athletics

synthetic turf installed by Turf PrepWith warm, spring weather and a new athletic season on the horizon, the time has come to begin your seasonal turf maintenance program. After a long and unpredictable winter, it is important to make sure you perform each safety check and make sure you are ready for players to take the field again.

Athlete Safety

A standard turf maintenance visit will be comprehensive, checking each aspect of your field to ensure it is performing at its highest level. The surface hardness level will be one of the first things tested to make sure it meets industry standards. With the risk of concussions on the rise in contact sports, keeping the turf soft and checking the shock absorption level will keep your athletes at a lower risk for injury. Performing regular GMax Testing will allow you to monitor the performance of the shock pads.

Debris affects play and can also provide additional risks to athletes running on the field. Divots left from standing goal posts and heavy snow can lead to tripping risks, especially during games. A routine maintenance check and rubber infill migration will be able to restore the flat surface to keep players safe.

Lifespan of the field

Synthetic turf is an investment that can last for years to come. Testing your field’s functionality and performing necessary maintenance will ensure that you will be able to use your field for athletics and events for the intended lifespan without issue.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance in Woburn, Boston & Burlington

If you are interested in signing up for a comprehensive maintenance plan for your synthetic turf, contact Turf Prep today! Our maintenance plans include six visits to your facility to perform ten-point inspections, necessary paint touchups and safety testing. The team at Turf Prep performs maintenance of synthetic grass across New England. For a free estimate on installing turf, call Turf Prep at 1-877-774-8873 or reach us by filling out our online form.

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