Synthetic Grass Installation for New England Playgrounds

Artificial lawns are becoming more popular than ever. Installing synthetic turf comes with many advantages such as saving water resources, protecting the environment and minimal maintenance. Read on to see why you should consider having synthetic grass installed for your playground.

  • By installing an artificial lawn, you’re providing a safer environment for children to play at. Synthetic turf is safer than wood chips or sand that you typically find at a playground. Since the turf won’t shift like sand or wood chips, it’s easier to maintain at all times. The reliable turf surface also makes it more accessible for wheelchair access.
  • Along with being safer, it’s also more appealing to the eyes. Our synthetic grass offers a more natural appearance. Artificial grass can enhance the look of parks, day care centers or school playgrounds.
  • Because there’s no sand or other loose materials to get into clothes or hair, children will stay cleaner when playing on a synthetic grass playground.

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