Synthetic Grass for Commercial Pet Areas

For New England pet facility owners that are looking to increase their clients and improve operations, look no further than Turf Prep. Installing synthetic grass for your commercial pet area will not only increase your appeal as a business, but there are tons of benefits that pet parents are all for!

  • When installing synthetic grass, we guarantee that you won’t have to replace it for years to come. This is great for city officials who are looking to get the most out of their budget when building a public dog park.
  • For residents that live in an apartment complex with their 4 legged furry friend, there’s nothing better than having an area for your dog to run free in. Keep your occupants happy with pet-friendly turf. In the end, you’ll decrease on your maintenance costs when dogs aren’t tracking their dirty paws throughout the apartments.
  • Heading into the office isn’t so bad when your favorite furry friend punch in and out with you! More and more, businesses are providing a dog friendly area where your dog can do their business and stretch their legs! The best thing about these areas? They offer a pest-free environment so there’s no need to worry about fleas, ticks, etc. making their way back into the office.
  • If you’ve ever kept your dog at a doggy daycare or boarding facility, you know the smell can really take over. Install synthetic grass to ensure that your nose can’t tell if a dog took care of business or not. You’ll also be able to enjoy your green grass all year long with less brown spots.

Like most businesses, commercial pet facilities have needs, which is why the team at Turf Prep will work with you to match your custom requests. For more information on installing and maintaining synthetic grass for your commercial pet area, contact us today! Turf Prep can be reached by calling 1-877-774-TURF or by filling out our online contact form.

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