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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets and Owners

As many pet owners know, especially dog owners, our pets need to go outside daily for exercise and fresh air. When it’s nice out, this isn’t an issue, but come the rainy and snowy weather, this can become a messy problem! After installing artificial grass, homeowners can consider messy paws and other common dilemmas, from our four legged pals, a thing of the past!

Below, you’ll find the advantages of Turf Prep’s artificial grass over natural grass:

  • Decreases digging by pets
  • Remains green all year long
  • Offers a safe, mud-free area to play in
  • Low maintenance
  • Removes the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides

More and more, pet owners are learning about the advantages of artificial grass and installing for their New England homes. If you are interested in learning more about our grass installation services, contact Turf Prep at 781-640-0055 or by filling out our contact form.

Replacement Turf Field in Boston, MA


Replacement 5 v 5 field completed in 2 days for the City of Boston! Looking forward to more fun projects like this in the future!

Prevent Dangerous Playing Fields in New England

Don’t subject your athletes to a dangerous playing surface. Have the professionals here at Turf Prep come out for a free assessment of your field!

Backyard Turf Installation in Cambridge, MA

Recently, our team was in Cambridge, MA for a turf installation for a homeowner’s backyard. By installing a synthetic lawn, homeowners eliminate the need for expensive lawn services and provide a safe and pet friendly environment!

Synthetic Grass Installation for New England Playgrounds

Artificial lawns are becoming more popular than ever. Installing synthetic turf comes with many advantages such as saving water resources, protecting the environment and minimal maintenance. Read on to see why you should consider having synthetic grass installed for your playground.

  • By installing an artificial lawn, you’re providing a safer environment for children to play at. Synthetic turf is safer than wood chips or sand that you typically find at a playground. Since the turf won’t shift like sand or wood chips, it’s easier to maintain at all times. The reliable turf surface also makes it more accessible for wheelchair access.
  • Along with being safer, it’s also more appealing to the eyes. Our synthetic grass offers a more natural appearance. Artificial grass can enhance the look of parks, day care centers or school playgrounds.
  • Because there’s no sand or other loose materials to get into clothes or hair, children will stay cleaner when playing on a synthetic grass playground.

To learn more about our synthetic turf and lawn services, contact us today at 781-640-0055 or by filling out our contact form.

Recent Field Removal in Arlington, MA

Benefits of a Turf Field vs. Grass Field

High schools all across the country are switching over from grass fields to brand new turf fields. But why? Here are some noticeable benefits that turf sports fields have over grass fields.

  • Increased Playability: Artificial turf fields are much more durable that grass fields. Many football teams have their own grass football field and won’t let any other sports play on them due to grass quality issues. The active and over use of a grass field will eventually turn it into dirt and mud with an occasional patch of grass. Because of the increased playability of a turf field, people of all ages and sports can use the field all the time. This allows for multiple teams to utilize the space as well as youth programs when the space is open. You also won’t have to cancel games in case of rain with a turf field. One extremely rainy day and soccer game on a grass field could ruin a field for an entire season.
  • Saves Water: On average a grass field requires around 50,000 gallons during the growing season. That is a lot of water that turf fields don’t need.
  • Player Safety: The durability of a field directly correlates to the safety of players. A torn up grass field with mud patches, and ditches can lead to more injuries.

Turf certainly has its benefits and kids just love playing on it as well. It’s a no brainer that investing in a turf field is the right choice to make. If you are interested in switching to a turf field, call Turf Prep at 781-640-0055 or by filling out our contact form.

G-Max Testing in New England

When a player falls on a turf field, the impact is either absorbed by the surface of the synthetic field or by the player’s body. As a result, the harder the surface, the more opportunity the player has of absorbing the fall, resulting in an injury. When most of the impact is taken by the player, the injury can result in a concussion.

We use g-max testing to determine the rate upon which the player’s head would make contact with the turf surface. When g-max test results are higher, this results in the turf surface having poorer shock-attenuation. If a field does not meet the requirements of the ASTM, less than 200g, the turf is considered unsafe for players.

When Turf Prep installs a synthetic field, a g-max test is completed to get a base number. The following can affect your g-max values:

  • Type of maintenance performed on the turf
  • Materials used in the maintenance
  • Location conditions
  • How often the turf is used
  • Construction procedures

Experts go back & forth on how often you should have your turf tested. Some suggest twice a year, while others say only once a year. Not only does annual testing keep track of any changes, but it shows parents that you are committed to their children’s safety. It is important to have your g-max testing done by a professional company. Turf Prep’s certified team meets all of the ASTM standards & criteria. After we install a synthetic field, we perform a g-max test & provide the client with the results to keep on file. As a coach, player or parent, knowing a turf has been g-max tested can put your mind at ease.

If you are interested in having a synthetic turf g-max tested or have any questions, contact us today at 781-640-0055.

Benefits of Indoor Putting Green Installation in New England

If you’re a resident of New England, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Is there anything worse than missing a tee time because of the rain? Now the option of having a putting green in your home or office is possible! Besides not having to leave the comfort of your home, there are many other benefits to installing an indoor putting green.

  • Fun for the Family With your own indoor putting green, you don’t have to leave the house for a day of fun! Whether you are teaching or playing for fun, indoor putting greens are a great way for the family to bond.
  • No Weather Affect With an indoor putting green, you’ll be able to play, rain or shine. Stuck in a blizzard? Not an issue when you have an indoor putting green installed!
  • Practice Makes Perfect An indoor putting green is an excellent practice tool to advance in your short game.
  • Entertaining for all Turn a boring party into a blast with an indoor putting green! How many guests can say they played a game of golf, while enjoying the Friday night game?

If you are interested in having a putting green installed or have any questions, contact Turf Prep at 781-640-0055.

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