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Playground Installation in Greenfield, MA

Did you know that we not only provide turf services, but we also install playgrounds!? We recently were at Green River Park in Greenfield, MA for a playground installation. Check out the photos of the Turf Prep team making it happen for the kids!

Turf Maintenance & G-Max Testing in Arlington, MA

Recently, the Turf Prep team was at the local high school in Arlington, MA. We were there for regular maintenance and GMax testing to ensure that the athletic field is safe for players to be on.

To schedule your annual maintenance for your turf field, contact Turf Prep by calling us at 1-877-774-8873 or by filling out our online contact form.

Turf Maintenance on Reading, MA Athletic Fields

Recently, the Turf Prep team was in Reading, MA for routine turf maintenance at all three of the athletic fields. While there, we found a few hazards that were quickly addressed by Turf Prep’s technicians.

Keep your plays safe by scheduling routine maintenance appointments by contacting Turf Prep today. We can reached at 1-877-774-TURF or by filling out our online contact form.

Recycled Turf Installation in South Boston, MA

Recently, the Turf Prep team was at Gold’s Gym in South Boston, MA. View before and after photos of the recycled turf installation!

If you are interested in our recycled turf installation services, contact Turf Prep at 1-877-774-TURF or by filling out our contact form!

Line Painting and Gmax Testing in Lynnfield, MA

The Turf Prep team was recently at the Lynnfield, MA High School. We updated the football field with line painting and some Gmax testing. The field not only looks good, but is now safely ready to be played on!

Contact Turf Prep at 1-877-774-TURF to ensure your athletic field is looking good and safe for your players to be on!

Synthetic Turf for Indoor Sports

For years, synthetic turf has been replacing athletic fields with real grass for outdoor sports like lacrosse or football. Now, sports that take place indoors are starting to install synthetic turf to protect players from injury. Indoor synthetic turfs are being used for athletic training, soccer, batting cages and more.

Unlike synthetic turf used for outdoor residential or commercial projects, indoor turf doesn’t need to be drained. Because of the extra cushion, synthetic turf is an extra precaution in preventing injuries to players.

To learn more about our synthetic turf installation services, contact Turf Prep at 1-877-774-8873 or by filling out our contact form.

Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance

One of the main benefits of an artificial grass lawn is that the maintenance requirements are much lower than that of a natural lawn. While this is true, artificial grass lawns still require routine maintenance and cleaning. Below, you’ll find a guide for weekly and monthly maintenance requirements and removing any pet odors or waste.

  • For weekly artificial grass maintenance, we recommend removing any rocks, twigs or other items and then rinsing off the area. By rinsing the area, you’ll remove any dust or twigs you missed within the artificial grass.
  • Depending on the foot traffic, Turf Prep recommends thoroughly cleaning the lawn every month. As you clean your lawn, you’ll want to use a plastic, flexible rake and a synthetic broom so you don’t damage the surface.
  • Artificial grass can stand up to the running and playing of your pet exceptionally well. Since dog paws won’t damage the grass blades, there are no negative effects of your pet running around on it. If you find that the blades have gone down a bit, you can fix this by moving the grass back with a stiff brush. When it comes to cleaning up your pet’s waste, it’s not that much different than if you were to remove it from a traditional lawn.
  • Much like with a traditional lawn, cleaning up animal waste is the same for an artificial lawn. You’re still able to remove any waste with a pooper scooper or trash bag. Once you’ve removed the waste, use a disinfectant spray or rinse off the area with your hose.

The most effective way to maintain your artificial grass lawn is through a professional like Turf Prep. Contact us at 781-640-0055 or by filling out our contact form to learn more about maintaining your turf lawn.

Turf Maintenance in Sudbury, MA

Recently, we were at The Fieldhouse in Sudbury, MA for some field maintenance. We repaired the ten year old Shaw field and will be doing our final walk through with GMax test!

Not sure if your sports field needs maintenance? Contact Turf Prep at 781-640-0055 to schedule an evaluation with our team!



Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets and Owners

As many pet owners know, especially dog owners, our pets need to go outside daily for exercise and fresh air. When it’s nice out, this isn’t an issue, but come the rainy and snowy weather, this can become a messy problem! After installing artificial grass, homeowners can consider messy paws and other common dilemmas, from our four legged pals, a thing of the past!

Below, you’ll find the advantages of Turf Prep’s artificial grass over natural grass:

  • Decreases digging by pets
  • Remains green all year long
  • Offers a safe, mud-free area to play in
  • Low maintenance
  • Removes the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides

More and more, pet owners are learning about the advantages of artificial grass and installing for their New England homes. If you are interested in learning more about our grass installation services, contact Turf Prep at 781-640-0055 or by filling out our contact form.

Replacement Turf Field in Boston, MA


Replacement 5 v 5 field completed in 2 days for the City of Boston! Looking forward to more fun projects like this in the future!