How Often Should I Touch Up My Logo Paint?

logo and lines painted on an athletic fieldWhen it comes to your athletic field, you will need certain areas clearly and properly designated for regulation play, including yard markers, penalty zones, and end zones. For an added boost of spirit, you may even want to have your organization’s logo painted on the field! Using specially engineered paint for your lines and logos allow you to have a freshly marked field for an extended period of time, but will require some maintenance due to use and exposure to the elements. Knowing how often you should touch up the paint is important to keep your turf in good playing condition.

When Will Paint Start to Fade?

Synthetic turf paint is designed to withstand the elements and apply without causing issues that could affect playability, such as grass clumping as it dries or causing the blades to harden. Once the paint has dried (between 1 and 24 hours after its initial application), it will stay in place throughout games, crowds and varying weather conditions. However, you may notice the initial bright color begin to fade after eight weeks. By signing up for a synthetic turf maintenance program, you can have your paint touched up as needed during each upkeep visit. Turf Prep will visit your facility three times during the spring and three times during the fall to test your field’s safety and touch up any fades in the paint outlining the playing field.

Logo & Line Painting and Synthetic Turf Maintenance in Boston

If you need painted lines along your field touched up, contact Turf Prep today! We can even add a logo to your synthetic turf that will match your organization’s logo using a stencil we create in-house. For a free estimate on logo and line painting, Turf Prep can be reached by calling 1-877-774-8873 or by filling out our online form.

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