Environmental Benefits Of Synthetic Turf

Unlike real grass, the synthetic grass that Turf Prep installs needs no expensive fertilizers, pesticides or the need to be watered. With that being said, the lack of water can save millions of gallons of water from being used each year. Because synthetic turf requires low to no maintenance, it eliminates the need for pollution producing equipment. Typically, infill is created with mostly rubber which results in millions of tires being kept out of landfills each year.

When the synthetic turf is taken up, Turf Prep removes and cleans the infill and then prepares it to be installed in future athletic fields, lawns, etc. Our expert installers are dedicated to providing beautiful and realistic synthetic turf surfaces for our clients in Boston and surrounding areas. Turf Prep has been recycling and reusing infill for athletic fields and lawns across the state for years. If you are interested in transforming your yard, golf course or field, contact us today! We can reached by calling 1-877-774-TURF or by filling out our online form.

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