Choosing Synthetic Turf For Your Boston Property

backyardOne of the most beneficial things about synthetic turf is that it needs little to no maintenance! Pet owners especially love it because there’s no need to worry about their dogs bringing in any mud or dirt. Turf Prep has outlined a few other unique features of synthetic grass for those who are considering it!

  • With spring here and all of the snow melted, most Boston residents are concerned about the water puddling or pooling. There’s no concern of pooling with synthetic grass because water will roll off the turf very easily.
  • April is known for an increase in rain, which can actually benefit your synthetic grass lawn. When it rains, it actually washes the turf, which can result in it looking new. For those experiencing a lack of rain, use a hose to wash down turf instead.
  • When there is a significant amount of rain or if someone has been laying for a long period of time, your synthetic turf can flatten. To ensure the infill doesn’t get compacted, brush the turf up so it stands up on its own once the rain stops. When you brush the turf up right away, you can prevent it from getting matted down.
  • For any yards that still have snow on it, you can let it melt without having to worry about any damage. If you’re impatient, you can remove unwanted snow with a shovel or sweep it away.

When it comes to synthetic turf, there are so many benefits, for both residential and commercial property owners! If you are interested in learning more about synthetic turf or would like an installation quote, contact Turf Prep today! We can be reached by calling 1-877-774-8873 or by filling out our online form.

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