Choosing Artificial Grass for Indoor Sports Arena

indoor sports fieldThere are various benefits to indoor athletic fields; keeping the audience comfortable with climate control, the fields can be used for more than one sport and the games can continue, whether it’s raining or not. While it’s not impossible, keeping your turf healthy can sometimes be difficult. This is why many indoor sports arenas choose synthetic grass. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing synthetic grass for your indoor athletic field.

  • The maintenance of real grass can feel never-ending. There is always some sort of landscaping service that needs to be performed. Artificial grass is a much more manageable option and can virtually be installed anywhere.
  • Artificial turf is a lot more tough and durable that actual grass and other indoor field materials that are normally used.
  • Because it offers more friction that live grass, synthetic turf makes for a more safe playing field and an increase in slip resistance.

These are only a handful of benefits that synthetic grass can provide for your indoor athletic field! For New England sports arenas looking to get a leg up on competition, contact the experts at Turf Prep for more information on installation and maintenance. We can be reached by filling out our online form or by calling us at 1-877-774-TURF.

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