Benefits of a Turf Field vs. Grass Field

High schools all across the country are switching over from grass fields to brand new turf fields. But why? Here are some noticeable benefits that turf sports fields have over grass fields.

  • Increased Playability: Artificial turf fields are much more durable that grass fields. Many football teams have their own grass football field and won’t let any other sports play on them due to grass quality issues. The active and over use of a grass field will eventually turn it into dirt and mud with an occasional patch of grass. Because of the increased playability of a turf field, people of all ages and sports can use the field all the time. This allows for multiple teams to utilize the space as well as youth programs when the space is open. You also won’t have to cancel games in case of rain with a turf field. One extremely rainy day and soccer game on a grass field could ruin a field for an entire season.
  • Saves Water: On average a grass field requires around 50,000 gallons during the growing season. That is a lot of water that turf fields don’t need.
  • Player Safety: The durability of a field directly correlates to the safety of players. A torn up grass field with mud patches, and ditches can lead to more injuries.

Turf certainly has its benefits and kids just love playing on it as well. It’s a no brainer that investing in a turf field is the right choice to make. If you are interested in switching to a turf field, call Turf Prep at 781-640-0055 or by filling out our contact form.

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